Why you should value health instead of length of your nails

Nail health is often overlooked as opposed to their length, shape, and appearance. The overall health incorporates those factors and much more. Nails have an important role to play in our day to day lives; they scratch itches, protect tissues and also offer warning signs of underlying diseases, infections or malnutrition. Having long nails is an indication that your body has enough nutrients and vitamins necessary for growth and thus has its own value such as beauty; however, it should not be the only consideration as the health of the nails is twice as important. As you can find on ZetaClear, lengthy nails are mostly considered as additional beauty especially for women but the nightmare is getting the nails long without breakage which is where health comes handy.

Anti fungus treatment

The health of the nails can be achieved through a number of practices such as right diet, exercise, moisturizing cuticles, regular manicures among others. Toe and fingernails should be checked regularly as some changes on them may be an alarm of a more serious problem in another part of the body. Bluish nails, for example, could be caused by a deficiency of oxygen in the body indicating a problem with the lungs. The most common changes on the nails are yellowing, crumbling, split and thickness of the nails which are symptoms of nail fungus. ZetaClear is a known solution for this problem, its ingredients are purely natural and its manufacturer claims that it kills all the fungus in six months if used as directed.

How to take care of nails naturally?

A healthy diet is the most efficient way to maintain healthy nails. Food rich in iron, calcium, and vitamins H, A, C, and D promotes strong, lengthy and good-looking nails. Drinking plenty of water ensures the body is hydrated, that includes the nail cuticles, and it also prevents dryness. Apple cider vinegar and olive oil are home remedies that promote growth while Aloe Vera acts as a moisturizer and prevent brittleness of the nails. Besides ZetaClear, soaking the feet in a mixture of warm water and vinegar for 30 minutes several times a day is also a natural way of dealing with nail fungus.