Why the melting of the ice cap could be the end of long, dark lashes

The scientists at the South African National Antarctic Programme (SANAP) have just raised concern over the potential dangers to our health produced by global warming. This governmental agency has made reasonable efforts to stop the effects of human action on the environment and especially on the southern hemisphere. Their studies have revealed why the melting of the ice cap could be the end of long, dark lashes along with other bodily changes that we might experience in the next 50 years.

Effects of the ice cap meltdown

Antarctica is currently the world’s largest source of fresh water (70%), and also has over 90% of the entire planet’s ice deposits. However, these numbers will suffer a drastic decrease in the next decades according to scientific research. Pollution, industrialization and human waste are the main reasons behind this environmental disaster.


The unprecedented decay of climate conditions will lead to significant changes in the human body that would normally take thousands of years to take place. Scientists believe that the melting of the ice cap will increase the temperature’s planet, which in turn will make many of the defining features of our bodies completely obsolete.

Is this the end of long dark lashes?

In just a few decades most of the human population will be completely bald. The strains of hair all over our bodies will grow shorter and fewer because the immune system will not necessitate them anymore. The mane on your head and the thick, dense lashes on our eyelids will soon become a thing of the past.

Fortunately, some scientists are trying to fight off these effects in advance. The production of Idol Lash – the world’s best eyelash enhancer is just one of the many examples that you can still grow long, dark lashes in spite of the severe environmental changes that threaten our planet.