Myths about ADHD

Most people are so preoccupied with their everyday activities and physical health that they overlook the mental health. Moreover, there’s a widespread misconception that psychological health is a joke and people who claim to suffer from mental disorders are simply weak and therefore ineffective in society. But none of them are correct, and getting your facts straight about attention disorders, such as ADHD can significantly improve the chances of getting ahead of the disease.

Adhd treatment

  • 1. ADHD is not a real medical condition: in fact, Central of Disease Control and Prevention, the American Psychiatric Association and The National Institutes of Health all recognize it as an actual disease. Though it may impose some difficulties in diagnosing, it’s a severe illness that affects about 11% of all children in U.S. Many people mistake it for simply misbehavior or say it’s just an excuse for misconduct, but the truth is that people diagnosed with it need real and immediate help and treatment such as Synaptol.
  • 2. Bad parenting leads to ADHD: in fact, according to National Institutes of Health, ADHD can be genetically inherited. It means that individuals diagnosed with it may have close relatives with the condition as well. There are also non-genetic causes too, such as brain injury or abnormal brain development. Either way, it’s not the result of bad parenting. Strict parenting can even worsen the symptoms altogether.
  • 3. Only boys have ADHD: girls are less likely to get diagnosed because their signs can be more subtle and easily overlooked. But ADHD affects them as well!
  • 4. You can outgrow ADHD: it’s not a life sentence, but it’s a lifelong condition. If you get diagnosed with it in your childhood, it will stick with you all your life. There are a lot of coping techniques and treatments available that can make your life easier and you can learn to adapt to your everyday challenges. But it doesn’t mean the disease goes merely away.

What can I do?

There are many treatments available nowadays. An alternative to the conventional psychostimulants is Synaptol. It’s a homeopathic product that contains only natural herbs and will significantly improve your concentration abilities, makes you more successful in realizing the necessary tasks and improves your social life as well.

Don’t sit and wait for ADHD to pass. It’s not the kind of thing that just goes away if you ignore it long enough. Know all about these debunked myths and seek for the most suitable treatment for you.