Scientists reveal why global warming is a pain in the butt, literally

If you thought global warming would only bring you more summer days and only the occasional hurricane, you were wrong. In fact, you better prepare for a rapid decay of your health at the hands of ever-increasing temperatures. Colon wellness, rectal pain, and hemorrhoids are just a few of the ailments that we could soon be dealing with if we don’t stop environmental destruction. A recent study has put the scientists in the awkward position of revealing why global warming is a pain in the butt, literally.

The science behind global warming

The constant rise in temperature over the past two centuries has led to the creation of the global warming theory, which is a real thing according to scientists from all over the world. In fact, researchers at the South African National Antarctic Programme (SANAP) have raised the problem of endangered species of plants and animals that could go extinct way sooner than it was initially predicted.


With severe environmental changes come significant modifications in our lifestyle. Everything from nutrition, medicine, and health could suffer a significant distortion shortly. Herbal extracts that are fundamental for highly-efficient hemorrhoid treatments like Venapro could soon disappear. Horse chestnut and Arnica Montana are just two of the plant species that are included in this safe remedy for piles. Unfortunately, both of these herbs are also endangered by the increasing concern of global warming.

How to cure the literal pain in the butt

Scientists believe that we should act fast to save the planet from losing any more of the plants that are essential to herbal medicine. While now you could get rid of hemorrhoid pain with Venapro in just a few days, the future could deliver a longer and more agonizing pain in the butt. We must save the herbs from gradually disappearing to prevent the precious cures for piles from vanishing off of the drugstore shelves.